New informer Hamer is the expert on the themes of the coronacrisis

The House of Representatives agrees that SER President Mariëtte Hamer will take over the baton of Informer Herman Tjeenk Willink. The majority sees in the former leader of the PvdA as the desired successor with a distance to current politics and the parties and with a broad, socio-economic profile.

The aim is to seek, among other things, political agreement on the ‘recovery or transition policy’ in the coming period. It also needs to identify other urgent major themes to be worked out for a coalition agreement. Then she has to look at which parties want to negotiate with each other. Hamer gets until June 6th to report.

Long political experience

It is striking that Hammer has been chosen. Many will still associate her with the PvdA. That party did not do so well in the elections and, as after the historic loss in 2017, has only nine seats left in the House of Representatives. Hamer was a member of the Labour Party for sixteen years (1998-2014) and a two-year group chairman (2008-2010). But that has been long enough, the Chamber says.

D66 leader Kaag, the first signatory of the motion on the informer, said that she did not come to Hamer to sort for a cabinet with the PvdA, but because of her role from the Socio-Economic Council.

Hamer has been president of the SER since 2014, in which employers, trade unions and the government work together. It is one of the most important advisory bodies of the Cabinet. Her function makes Hamer suitable as an informer in this period, zegTCCEIT reporter Wilco Boom. And not only because of her knowledge about the socioeconomic issues that the coronacrisis is all about. She has a good reputation as a negotiator. Someone who understands that everyone has to come back from negotiations with something if it is to be a success.

One of her achievements is the pension agreement, which was concluded in 2019 after ten years of war between trade unions and employers. Hammer managed to get the parties out of their trenches like a seasoned polderer. The Chamber hopes that she will also succeed in retracting the formation that fell into the slump.

Hammer wants to get started quickly with the contents. Look at how she said that: