New informers at work, first interview with Hoekstra (CDA)

The new informers, Remkes and Koolmees, are going to work today. They have conversations with VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie all day long.

First they received Hoekstra (CDA). He said afterwards that everyone involved in the formation have the need to speed up now. โ€œWe don‘t want to stick to the same period.โ€ The formation started on March 18, a day after the election and has been working for more than six months.

Furthermore, the CDA leader said that it is important for a coalition agreement to be set out in which the parties agree on the major issues. As far as he is concerned, these include nitrogen, climate, governance culture and housing.

โ€œBut at the same time, it is essential that we reach agreements that are fully bearable by everyone,โ€ he says. โ€œEach of the four parties has to come home with the idea: that’s why I was there too.โ€

Yesterday the House of Representatives agreed to the appointment of Remkes and Koolmees as informers. They have to look together to see if a new cabinet can be formed with the four parties of the current coalition.

Last week, after more than six months, there was a breakthrough in the formation and VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie decided that they would like to try again.

Previous attempts to form a majority cabinet failed due to various blockages from the different parties. For example, VVD and CDA did not want to be in a cabinet with two left-wing parties, while PvdA and GroenLinks did not want to let go of each other.

No restart

The four parties that are now negotiating have always stressed over the past few days that it will not be a restart to the current cabinet, but a real new start. They will need to find solutions to urgent problems such as the climate, the nitrogen crisis and the lack of affordable housing.

They will also have to regain the trust of the victims of the payment affair, who in many cases have still not received reimbursement.

Medical ethical subjects form a major disagreement between the four. In particular, D66 wants to take steps in this respect, such as a law that makes it possible for people who deem their lives complete to get euthanasia. The Christian Union in particular is against that.