New iPhones can handle 5G

Apples new iPhones can handle the new, faster 5G network. Thats what the tech giant announced as expected. In total, Apple introduced four new models.

Apples basic model is called iPhone 12 and has flat sides, making the device similar in design to the iPhone 4 loved by many. Compared to the previous model, the phone is faster and the screen and camera are improved.

For the first time, Apple also used the name Mini, which was already in use with the iPad, for the iPhone. The iPhone 12 Mini is very similar in its capabilities to the ordinary iPhone 12, but it is smaller. The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini come in five colors. The 12 will be available next week, the 12 Mini will be in mid-November.

Apple also introduced two new top models, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. These phones have larger screens, a camera with three lenses against two lenses on the cheaper models, and also have better image stabilization, making it easier to take photos and movies without much movement. The top models are available in four colours and are available in mid-November just like the 12 Mini.

With the smartphones, Apple customers will no longer receive adapters or headphones. Apple, according to its own words, does this for environmental reasons. Previously, the adapter already disappeared for buyers of an iPad.

Apple also came with a smaller version of its smart speaker HomePod, the HomePod Mini. Last month, the company already introduced new iPads and Apple Watch smart watches.