New lava flow from La Palma volcano, airport close due to ash clouds

Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma continues to spew lava. A break in the lava hedgehog has triggered a new lava flow. It flows at a speed of 30 to 60 metres per hour towards the sea.

The lava flow has darkened the sky above the western part of the Canary Island with a thick cloud of smoke. Due to the airborne ash, the airport is largely closed. No plane left or landed for hours at La Palma Airport, but its flights to the neighbouring islands of Tenerife and La Gomera have resumed.

The closure of the airport ensures that the island is again largely closed off from the outside world. Last week dozens of Dutch holidaymakers were trapped on the island, as flights were cancelled. Travel company TUI picked up dozens of holidaymakers on Thursday.

420 houses

The Cumbria Vieja erupted on Sunday. As a result of the eruption, about 420 houses have been destroyed. Thousands of people were evacuated; there have been no injuries so far. Another thousand people were evacuated yesterday.

Many Spaniards donate food and clothing for La Palma evacuees:

The volcanic eruption on the Spanish island causes a cloud with an increased concentration of toxic sulphur dioxide to the northwest of Europe. The cloud reaches the Netherlands last night. RIVM keeps an extra eye on air quality, but announced yesterday that there is no reason to assume that there is a risk to public health.

The Air Measurement Network website shows that the concentration of sulphur dioxide in the air is at a low level.