New Marsrover attempt to collect stone noise seems to be successful

It seems that the American Marsrover Perseverance has managed to collect stone noise. A picture shows the grit drilled together, reports NASA space agency.

The first attempt to collect a rock sample failed in early August. There was nothing in the tube intended for storage of the grit at that time. Maybe that had to do with the kind of stone that was drilled at the time. The material probably disintegrated into dust that was unabsorbable.

In the new drill attempt, in another stone in the Jezero crater, grit has ended up in the collection tube. That can be seen in a photo that the rover forwarded. It is not quite sure if it succeeded, because in a second photo, a little later, the grit can no longer be seen.

This may be because Perseverance allowed the tube to vibrate a bit to clean the instrument. In addition, the grit may have fallen deeper into the tube and can no longer be seen due to the bad light. New photos with better light should provide certainty. Theyll be made tomorrow.

Perseverance has more than 40 tubes to collect samples. The intention is that at least 20 times. The tubes will have to be picked up later by another rover to be built by the European Space Agency ESA. In about ten years, a European probe has to bring the samples to Earth.

This CCEit animation shows how the entire operation should work: