New motive murder House member investigated

The British terror police are investigating whether the murder of the House of Commons member David Amess has anything to do with his close ties with Qatar. After all, this gulf state has a close relationship with the current government of Somalia, while the family of the arrested murder suspect, a Briton born in the United Kingdom with a Somali background, was closely linked to a previous Somali government.

The investigation makes it clear that the British police have not yet identified the motives for 25-year-old Ali Harbi Ali to stab House member of Commons David Amess to death last Friday. Ali is suspected of an act of terror. Some years ago he took a deradicalisation course organized by the British government, Prevent. At the time, there was no reason to have him permanently followed by MI5, the British Homeland Security Service.

The ties with Qatar are a different angle for the murder, The Times reports. Amess was part of the British Parliaments Qatar group. Last week he visited the Arab oil state with a group of other parliamentarians. Amess has been frequently fรชted by Arab lenders from Qatar in recent years. For example, he was a guest at the oil state-sponsored classic car -festin Goodwood in southern Sussex this spring.

The Amess


also sought to poke oil state representatives to invest in its constituency of Southend. He received Qatars Ambassador to Southend himself in 2019. It looked at opportunities to invest in the marina there. According to The Times, it would be an investment of ยฃ60 million.

Civil war has been raging in Somalia for years. Qatar plays a dominant role in this. The Arab oil state funded the election campaign of current President Hassan Sheikh. This involvement is sensitive in the country divided by many ethnic groups. Hari Ali Kullane, the suspects father, was communications advisor to a previous Somali Prime Minister. He told The Sunday Times this weekend that the murder had nothing to do with Somali politics.