New NVIDIA driver did not help improve performance in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 comes out the day after tomorrow, but journalists and gamers who got early access are not happy with the shooters optimization. Nvidia has released a new driver version designed to improve the quality but, judging by PC Gamer, nothing has changed after its installation. The author of the note noted that he ran the game at medium graphics settings in 2K resolution on a system equipped with a processor Intel Core i5-9600K and GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics card.

At the same time, Battlefield 2042 issued from 70 to 80 FPS, periodically โ€œdelightingโ€ the journalist with falls to 50 and friezes. The inclusion of DLSS in balance mode did not help much.

According to the author of PC Gamer, the reason lies in the high requirements for the processor – and although the Core i5-9600K is more powerful than the i5-6600K specified in the minimum, the chip stays 100% loaded most of the time, so there is no big benefit from DLSS. Earlier, Elanalistadebits YouTube channel released a detailed comparison of graphics in Battlefield 2042 on PC, Xbox Series and PS5 .

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