New Painkiller, Crossfire strategy and 10 more new Koch Media games

Koch Media made 13 high-profile announcements during Summer Game Fest โ€” the first being a presentation by the new publishing house Prima Matter. Already, 12 games have been introduced under the new brand, but the most high-profile announcement was the new Painkiller โ€” St. Petersburg Saber Interactive is responsible for it, but the developers are not told about nothing.

Another interesting announcement was The Last Oricru โ€” a role-playing action that resembles Piranha Bytes games like Risen and Gothic. However, the developers make a huge bet on the plot, which makes the player an important choice at almost every turn.

We are talking about global solutions โ€” for example, joining with one faction you can launch a joint attack on the enemy‘s fortress, but it is possible to reach their leader the opportunity to betray your associates. The game’s creators constantly reiterate that every decision matters.

However, there is another unexpected surprise โ€” you can play not only alone, but also with a friend in a local co-op on a split screen. Gameplay and story-wise, the game adapts to this kind of playthrough, opening new possibilities.

The 2022 release on consoles and pc. The next interesting announcement will seriously surprise.

This is Crossfire: Legion is a real-time strategy based on the popular Crossfire shooter. Blackbird Interactive, which was founded in 2007 by Relic (Dawn of War, Homeworld, Company of Heroes).

The studio is known for Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Minecraft Earth, Hardspace: Shipbreaker and the coming Homeworld 3. The release of the strategy is expected next year only for PC.

Presented by The Chant โ€” an action-horror feature from the natives of EA, Rockstar and The Coalition. The action is set on a remote island where the main character arrives with problems from her past.

Developers don‘t want to do shooting battles, so there are more โ€œlandedโ€ weapons like sticks, lanterns and the like to fight. Among other things, the team is betting on the fear of the unknown โ€” this is reflected in both the gameplay and the plot.

The release is scheduled for the second quarter of next year for consoles and a P. C.

dynamic shooter under the working title The Final Form. The protagonist is the android Valkyrie, who is to protect the last remains of mankind during the flight to the new home.

Ruiner creators from Reikon are responsible for the development, and in addition to the single player mode there will be a co-op for three. Output is claimed for PC and consoles โ€” it will happen โ€œsometimeโ€.

Echoes of the End is a next-generation adventure game in its own fantasy setting, whose developers focus on exploring the world, solving puzzles and, of course, battles. At first, the project was done on Unreal Engine 4, but have already started switching to a fifth versionengine โ€” current frames, however, reflect the former version of the technology.

The game is being created for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. The release date is in no hurry to call.

In Scare Above, the main character herself does not know how she got to an unknown planet that she is to study in search of leads โ€” what the world is and how she actually found herself here, though I’ve been on a space vessel recently. Among the features are the interaction with the environment โ€” for example, one of the guns can freeze water, after which it can be passed.

It causes damage to enemies with a freezing effect. Exit is expected in 2022 on consoles and PCs.

The ArtsBrazilian Massive Works team announced Dolmen. For short, this is the sci-fi Dark Souls, which most resembles The Surge โ€” but without a unique limb cutting system, but not only with the possibility fight with swords, but also shoot.

Coming out next year on PC and consoles. ScreenshotSPrima Matter also picked up Russian Encased is a comedic tactical RPG in the spirit of Divinity and Fallout.

The action takes place in the CRONUS building, where players have to choose from five departments โ€” each with their own history and specialization. Choosing gives different bonuses, but does not tie players to a particular class.

Every one is free to develop their heroes as he is want. The game is released in September only on PC, although Steam has been getting early access for two years.

Gungrave G. O.

R. E.

also became part of the Prima Matter line, an action movie about a hired assassin who was killed and then resurrected. He now destroys the Raven clan criminals who produce the SEED drug.

Coming out in 2022 on PC and consoles. Also under the label will be Payday 3 (the first poster of the third part in the cap news) and King‘s Bounty II, which will be honored to become a debut project publishing โ€” the game will be released on August 24.

By the way, it’s not all announcements: Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released on Nintendo Switch Wasteland 3 will get a few more Iron Harvest and Outward additions to PS5 and Xbox Series Mount & ; Blade II: Bannerlord will come out on Phoenix Point consoles coming out on consoles. More on Iromania Frostpunk authors published a teaser of their new F1 2021 game on PS5 and Xbox Series X will get 120 FPS Honor of Kings mode to be the highest-grossing mobile game May.