New Persona 5 Strikers Trailer Dedicated to Joint Attacks

Atlus has released another trailer for the future western version of the mus-action movie Persona 5 Strikers. This is an extended version of the commercial that appeared the other day, and is dedicated to video spectacular and powerful joint attacks by Ghost Thieves. Preliminary reviews of the western version began to appear on the network games, and game editions are optimistic.

It is noted that the game in an unusual genre for the series still looks like a real continuation of the cult Persona 5 and retains its spirit. Persona 5 Strikers – a more compact game than Persona 5.

Since the action takes place on summer holidays, there is no need to go to school. There is no special time after school and evening to strengthen relationships with friends or improve characteristics.

These systems in Persona 5 Strikers do not. Nevertheless, Persona‘s roots remained.

The hero still has a level of communication with friends, which allows you to buy different perks to improve the whole team. He is not individual, as in Persona 5: you can not, for example, increase the level of Ryuji by playing arcades with him.

Instead, the level of communication we get when all the Ghost Thieves fight together or just spend time together and chat in the real world. Polygon If you are annoyed by repetitive fights in which spectacularity prevails over meaning, and if you passed (and loved) Persona 5, then Strikers is quite a good reason to rejoin the company.

It is a real sequel, although it acts under the guise of a special issue. I wish every RS owner could play Persona 5 and understand why Strikers might like even those who don’t like Dynasty Warriors.

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