New photos have appeared of Grapperhaus violating corona rules

Pictures of the wedding of Minister Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) have surfaced again. These show that the minister is violating more coronavirus rules than just the other half-measure. Last night SBS Shownieuws showed photos in which the minister seems to be shaking hands and hugging his mother-in-law

Last Thursday, Grapperhaus was discredited by images of his wedding. This showed that he and his guests did not comply with the other hall rule on the steps of the town hall in Bloemendaal.

‘Nothing to add’ to earlier statement

The Minister apologised and added that before and during the wedding day he constantly reminded people to keep their distance if they do not belong to the same household and to respect the other coronavirus rules as well.

Shownownieuws asked Grapperhaus for a reaction to the most recent photos, on which he seems to violate several rules. Through a spokesman he says “not to add anything” to his earlier statement.


The photographs of the wedding of Grapperhaus led to indignation, because as minister of justice he is the face of the enforcement of the coronavirus measures. After Grapperhaus’ misstep, Boas decided to hand out fewer fines in recent days. Today the Chamber wants to question the minister about his wedding.

Prime Minister Rutte acknowledged last week that things went wrong at the wedding, but he did not think that the minister’s credibility was at stake.