New Ranked Battle Patch and Test โ€” Upcoming Age of Empires IV Update

The creators of the historical strategy Age of Empires IV talked about the upcoming updates that will begin to appear this month. So, in January, developers will release a patch that should change the balance and fix popular bugs related to civilizations. They promise to tell you more about the patch next week.

The authors also recalled that they planned a major update for the spring of 2022 and a small patch that could be released in February. In addition, the season of ranked battles should take place this spring 1 on- 1 โ€” Participants will be able to compete with each other, advance in rank levels, and receive exclusive rewards.

The closed test of ranked battles will take place from January 20 to January 28. In order to participate, you need to register as an Age Insider, check your communication settings and make sure you have downloaded DxDiag.

A little later, the developers will send a letter with further instructions. Let us remind you that the release of Age of Empires IV took place in October 2021 on PC.

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