New relaxations postponed, ‘decline not yet sufficiently visible’


the time being, the demissionary cabinet postpones further simplifications. Thats what the Cabinet writes in a brief written statement.

In the statement, the demissionary cabinet says to โ€œsee that the figures go beyond the peakโ€ but also that โ€œthe decline is not yet sufficiently visible to justify the next step of the opening planโ€.

The pressure on ICs and occupation of hospitals is still too high, the Cabinet believes.

This means that zoos, amusement parks and gyms will not open for the time being.

So tomorrow there will be no Catshuis session, where ministers talk about corona with experts. That consultation will be moved to next weekend. Also, there will be no press conference on Monday anyway.

May 11 mentioned in route plan

According to the original route plan, the demissionary cabinet would have decided this weekend to make more possible from 11 May. It was the idea to give amusement parks, zoos and sports institutions more possibilities under conditions. The Cabinet does not dare to take that step now, because of the great burden on the hospitals.

In the previous easings, which took place last Wednesday, the cabinet went faster than the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) advised. This was evidenced by the explanations given by Aura Timen of RIVM, also secretary of the OMT, on the figures. She then said that easing was justified when we were โ€œin the descending legโ€ of the epidemic, and stressed that it was not yet the case.


Interbranch organisations respond disappointed to the postponement of the simplifications. โ€œBut we do understand,โ€ says Jan Brands of Cultuurconnectie, the industry association for amateur art. โ€œIf the decline in figures is not yet sufficiently visible, we understand that sometimes other choices have to be made.โ€

โ€œ Of course we understand that the pressure on care should not be too high,โ€ says Ronald Wouters of NL Actief on behalf of the fitness industry. โ€œBut good resistance through a healthy lifestyle, through moving, thats part of the solution. Because it contributes to relieving the pressure on care.โ€ According to Wouters, there is a lot of appreciation from the Ministry for its sector, but this does not translate into policy. โ€œIn that sense, its frustrating.โ€

The Zoos Association, the NVD, is also disappointed. โ€œWe have very good protocols and we have also shown that we are part of the solution. We can regulate the visit to our locations,โ€ says Director Wineke Schoo to news agency ANP. The director emphasizes not to close his eyes to the figures: โ€œBut it would be nice if we get our money from the visitors, not from the government.โ€