New rules for more diversity in Oscar submissions Best Film

Films that want to compete in the Oscar category Best Film must meet certain diversity criteria from 2024 onwards. The Academy, the organisation behind the Oscar awards, has tightened the guidelines for entries.

The new rules for the main Oscar should encourage diversity and inclusiveness in front of and behind the scenes, in terms of gender, orientation, origin and disability. Indeed, the actors and directors winning the award and nominations would not be sufficiently diverse today.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has now defined four topics that will be tested for diversity: the actors in it, its creators, the promotion of the film and the offer of internship and training opportunities. Entries must meet at least two of the four eligibility criteria


The Academy has been under fire for a long time. Five years ago #oscarssowhite was widely discussed on social media, because for two years in a row no people of colour had been nominated for the best main or supporting role.

Last presentation was a popular hashtag #oscarssomale. Women have been missing from the Best Directing category for two years in a row.

CCeit op 3 previously explained why women are less likely to receive Oscar nominations:

To increase diversity, three new board members were appointed in 2016 with a non-white or non-US background. And when appointing ‘ordinary’ members, the Academy also does its best to take diversity more into account. Almost half of the new members are women and one in three is not white. About half of the new members do not come from the US.


This year, the South Korean film Parasite made film history at the Oscars. The tragicomedy was the first non-English-language film to win Best Film.

The new standards will accelerate the long term, essential change in the film industry, according to the Academy’s two top directors.