New skills and opportunities will be added to Assassins Creed Valhalla tomorrow

Ubisoft will release a major update for Assassins Creed Valhalla, with which not only will correct the balance and many bugs, but also add new skills to Avor. On the PS4 and PS5, the patch weighs 10-11GB, on Xbox One it weighs 15 GB, on PC it weighs 18GB, and on the Xbox Series it weighs 19. 5 GB.

Adjustment. The update will be released tomorrow, February 16, at 15:00 MSK.

New active skills: Berserker Trap – a trap is attached to the arrow tip, which is triggered in any movement and carries hallucinatory powder; Battle Clic – in a rush of rage, Avor emits a cry that gives the hero strength and frightens the nearest enemies who stop attacking; Shoulder strike – in fact, a shoulder strike that repels enemies and breaks objects. In addition, the developers added 6 more passive abilities: Assassin Carry – the hero automatically selects the body after a successful secretive killing Assassin Slide – hero Shoots down enemies during Power Stroke sprint โ€” increases the speed of a long vessel due to the endurance of Arrow Looter โ€” increases the chance to get arrows from archers Fight Ready – the hero at the beginning of the battle always filled one adrenaline slot Long Ship Brace – the ship team, when it is controlled by the hero, raises the shields along with him.

In the rest, apart from the fixes, seems to be nothing interesting. The full list of changes can be found at the Ubisoft forum.

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