New Skills Tree, Items, Endgame – Diablo IV

The authors of Diablo IV presented a fresh report on the progress of work on the project. The developers thanked the players for their positive feedback. The creators also paid attention to the criticism, trying to take into account various comments.

Then Diablo IV Chief System Designer David Kim told about changes and innovations. Primarily the question touched on the skills and talents of the characters.

Blizzard took into account the criticism regarding Demonic, Angelic and Ancient forces, which, according to some, looked โ€œnot enough interesting. โ€ The player will not have to carry an exorbitant number of items with similar forces to get a small bonus โ€” the amount of such โ€œworkโ€ has been reduced.

However, from the system itself the authors do not refuse, promising to better customize it in the future. In addition, the creators consider the question of Legendary items.

They agree that now the player depends too much on the items, so the balance will correct at the moment. Also developers study the process of distribution of indicators so that there are no situations where a specific subject of a particular class appeared stronger than legendary.

To tell the next time. The authors decided to complicate the systems of talent and skills, resulting in a new Pumping Tree.

Now branches for active and passive skills exist separately. This is a tree of the skills of the Sorceress โ€” on the branches are active skills (squares) and their improvements (circles), while in the roots are hidden passive effects (rhombus).

As development progresses, new dots will open up on the tree. For one pass it is impossible to get everything at once – the authors count on 30 -40% of the filling.

In addition, the developers want to create unique mechanics for each class, and this time it also came about Wizards. They can be placed in the โ€œactiveโ€ window or in an additional โ€œenhancementโ€ slot.

In the second case, the player will not be able to directly use the skill, but will receive additional power bonuses. All this allows you to experiment with the distribution of skills, creating a unique set for of its passage.

Now the creators are trying to come up with a unique mechanics for the Druids. An example is the Meteor Strike skill โ€” if you place it in the โ€œImprovementsโ€ window, meteors will fall more frequently on the battle zone, but control the drop point already wont get.

Finally, it was about the system of progression of the character in endgame. Learn more about it later, but it will become another source of unique strength for each class, opening up more opportunities for repeated passage โ€” compared to Paragon from Diablo III.

The system will be calculated so that the result satisfies the hardcorefans of the series. More on CCeit โ€œ18M conspiracies and 1.

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