New trailer for The Medium dedicated to PlayStation 5 features

A while ago, Polish studio Blober Team announced that it would release its psychological horror film The Medium on the PlayStation 5 console. And now published a special trailer to highlight the main features of the version. First of all, the differences and innovations of the PlayStation 5 edition are linked to maximizing the capabilities DualSense controller.

With it, developers intend to immerse players even more deeply into the mysteries of the alternative world and to make sense of how Marianna. For example, curk resistance reflects the level accumulated energy heroine.

The vibration of the controller will allow you to feel the impact of various unfriendly creatures, and tactile feedback will assess how much Marianne has enough air while she holds her breath. The touchpad helps you view objects and items, and with motion control, you can control heroine instead of sticks.

The PlayStation Store has already opened pre-orders, the new version has been evaluated in 3579 roubles. The purchase bonus will be a digital original soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski, and digital artbook The Art of The Medium.

The Medium on PlayStation 5 will be released on September 3. And in October, the games soundtrack will be released on vinyl and CD.

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