New UK asylum law in violation of international law, says UNHCR

The United Nations Refugee Organization, UNHCR, objects to a British bill that should discourage people from coming to the United Kingdom.

If the proposal is adopted, according to the UNHCR, a dichotomy between a relatively small group of asylum seekers who came to the UK with the permission of the UK Government and a much larger group that came on their own initiative. Such a dichotomy has no basis in international law, says UK UNHCR representative Rossella Pagliuchi-Lor.

Temporary Residence Permit

Last year, 8500 migrants came from France to England on boats. Its already over 12,000 this year. Home Secretary Patel is under great pressure from her Conservative Party to do something about that.

Initially, she wants to deport asylum seekers who came to the UK without government permission to the country they had first fled to. If that fails, according to her bill, they will be granted a temporary residence permit that can be revoked at any time.

They will live an insecure and shabby life for years and have no right to family reunification, says Pagliuchi-Lor. โ€œThat will cause health damage and interfere with their integration. The financial, individual and social price is high.โ€

Moreover, according to Pagliuchi-Lor, there is no evidence that this law will deter asylum seekers. The British Parliament has yet to comment on the proposal.