New way to track poachers in South Africa

How can you better track poachers who hunt elephants, rhinos and giraffes? They have come up with a new plan for this in South Africa: nature managers are taught detective work.

They learn about trace research, footprints and new techniques, just like police specialists, for example. In this way, they hope to be able to better combat the poaching of animals.

It is often difficult to find and arrest poachers. Hunting takes place in remote places and it takes a long time for the police to arrive. Park guards are already in the nature reserves and can do research faster before the tracks have disappeared.


The park guards mainly learn what to do when they find an animal that has been killed. Often, they erase the traces of the perpetrators without knowing it. As a result, important evidence is lost.

The park rangers hope that from now on they can collect more tracks so that more people can be arrested.