New World from Amazon again postponed – now until August 31

Fingers may not be enough to calculate how many times Amazon has postponed its New World โ€” the new release date was named August 31. But the current alpha decided to expand until March 31, and closed testing for pre-orders was scheduled for July 20. Apparently, beta smoothly flows into release.

As part of the summer test will give a try of new content, including: endgame location Black-Scale limit; โ€œExpeditionsโ€ โ€” cooperative tasks for five; Outpost Rush โ€” 20 on 20 battles for control of fortresses and resources. More on CCeit Authors Evil Genius 2: World Domination showed the sandbox Online Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam fell below the third โ€œWitcherโ€ โ€œCardaclysm: Shards of Fourโ€ comes out of early access on February 26.