New World players complain MMORPG is incapacitating RTX 3090 graphics cards

Closed beta began at Amazon Games‘ New World MMORPG yesterday, July 20. Soon after, players began complaining that the game was incapacitating their RTX 3090. Video Card Complaints can be found on both Reddit and the New World forum.

According to complaints, graphics cards fail immediately after the game’s launch, on the main menu or after a short game session. One of those who complained about the failed RTX 3090 while playing New World was streamer under gladd nick.

RTX 3080 owners also have problems, but they are more likely to complain about overheating. Apparently, EVGA graphics cards are affected by the problem.

Some players note that they have already started the process of making a refund. Developers from Amazon Games have yet to comment on the situation.

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