New World players have shifted in time โ€” a month ahead

Amazons most ambitious gaming project continues to amaze with its technical side. Almost three dozen New World servers, mostly located in the western United States, were suddenly closed for maintenance without any warning. on an important occasion: their time suddenly jumped forward for a whole month.

At the same time, the announced maintenance time had to be continued for an extra hour: the first changes made did not solve the synchronization problem and they were rolled back. time travel is not a rare phenomenon in the New World.

This is not the first time that desynchronization has happened on a number of European servers, but it does not yet come to a mass closure. The developers warn that in the event of a failure, the system automatically assigns maintenance, and you may not receive a server reboot message.

In any case, character data should not be affected by the elimination of the desync. A former Amazon employee spoke about Crucible and New WorldSpontaneous time travel is just a part of problems faced by New World players, and not the most annoying one.

Many more problems are caused by game loopholes, including those that cause invulnerability in PvP battles, and a ruined economy that has already gone through two major interventions, but has not recovered before The end. In particular, after one of the edits, the studio sent a monetary compensation to the players, but accidentally confused with the number of zeros.

After that, the developers had to roll back the characters and turn off the auction again. More on Gambling Addiction For Valheim released a small patch with new content The expanded version of the cyberpunk horror Transient will be released on consoles on December 8 Roblox developers want to sue 1.

6 million dollars from the โ€œleader of the cybermafiaโ€.