New World War 3 trailer revealed customization

Studio The Farm 51 continues to talk about a redesigned version of the multiplayer military shooter World War 3. This time, we were told about the appearance of our operators, and started with uniforms. The uniform of our fighters does not only determine the affiliation of a certain faction.

She also shows what modern gear looks like from different armies around the world. To keep up with realism, developers resorted to 3D scanning real samples of weapons and equipment down to pouches and boots.

And the textures for the models were created by hand. To create our own fighter, we will be able to combine a variety of equipment, both real and developer-invented, and choose suitable camouflage and even a coloring for the faces.

Special gifts will be prepared for participants in the closed test, which is currently taking place: unique appearance elements emphasize veteran status. More on Gamemania Alfred Hitchcock Thriller โ€” Vertigo is released on December 16 GeForce GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 Ti video cards compared in games Survivors face hordes of zombies in Back 4 Blood campaign trailer.