‘New Year was 60% cheaper’

The private person insured damage to homes and cars during the turn of the year is considerably less than a year earlier, with 6 million euros. The amount of damages is 60 percent lower than in the turn of the year 2019/2020, when damage was caused to private property for about 14 million euros, the Association of Insurers reports on the basis of the initial calculations.

The number of firework-related damages is significantly lower. For example, fireworks played a role in 20 percent of the total number of fires during the New Year. Last year, this was still 50 percent, according to the insurers.

The Salvage Foundation, which provides insured persons on behalf of the joint fire insurers first aid after a fire, has received 56 percent fewer reports than the New Year.

According to the Confederation of Insurers, the actual damage is higher, since medical costs and claims on business insurance are not included.

The insurers expect to pay about 4.5 million euros this year for damages to homes and settlements and 1.5 million euros for car damage. Insurers

are happy with lockdown

According to Richard Weurding, general director of the Association of Insurers, the lockdown measures affect the damage reduction. โ€œDue to the current coronation situation, there were fewer incidents this year, such as house fires and car fires. As insurers, we support all measures that can lead to a safer turn of the year: it is in everyones interest that safety is paramount.โ€

Claims for damage to cars are approximately 40 percent lower than in other years. According to Weurding, not all car fires lead to a claim with the insurance. โ€œBecause car fire is only covered by all-risk and limited hull systems, insurers only see these claims and not of vehicles that are WA-insured.โ€

Claims for the business market are not yet known, according to the insurers.