New York clears up after storm Ida: buildings unusable, 1300 cars hoisted

Two days after parts of the east coast of the US were hit by a heavy storm and rain, the clean-up work in New York City is in full swing. Thirteen people died in the metropolis as a result of the violence of nature. In total, there are at least 43 American deaths. Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in Louisiana Friday to get an idea of the damage Hurricane Ida has done in the southern state. In addition to New Orleans, the largest city in the state where Hurricane Katrina caused devastation in 2005, he visits places in the area.

More than a thousand buildings have been damaged in New York according to a first count. In the meantime, about 1300 cars have been dragged away by the water. Record amounts of precipitation were measured in downtown New York. Water has been pumped out of hospitals, government and apartment buildings. The subways run down during the storm.

Eleven of the victims, including a child (2), died because they were raided by the water flowing in the cellars where they lived at night. Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that it wants to improve the safety of this group. He expects such extreme weather to occur more frequently in the future.

In the northeastern states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, the storm has cost at least 44 people. Tens of thousands of people are still out of power.

The northeast of the country was hit by foothills of Hurricane Ida who landed earlier in the week in the southern state of Louisiana. President Joe Biden visits New Orleans in Louisiana later in the day, where the hurricane has done a lot of damage. In the disaster area, more than 800,000 households have no electricity since Sunday and many do not flow water from the tap.

Biden, who had already expressed his awe of the violence of nature, spoke to local officials about their frustration that the power supply has not yet been restored. The states largest energy company thinks it needs no later than five days.

Governor John Bel Edwards told Biden to hand over a wishlist of all the supplies, including fuel because refineries are also affected. At petrol stations and emergency distribution stations, the cars are in long queues. But we also work on the distribution of water and food.

Biden comes with a reaction later in the day. The government has already released part of the strategic oil reserve, helps with generators and speaks to energy companies. A concern is the many oil spills reported on land and water.