New York floods and emergency by Ida, ‘at least six deads’

On the east coast of the United States, at least six people have died from floods resulting from hurricane Ida, reports NBC News. It‘s two deaths in New Jersey and four in New York.

The remains of Hurricane Ida lead to heavy rains and flooding in the area. There was a tornado in New Jersey. In Pennsylvania and Delaware, tornadoes were warned.

Mayor De Blasio of New York City has declared the state of emergency. He speaks of historical weather conditions with a record amount of rainfall. The state of emergency has also been declared in New Jersey.

In addition to the heavy rain, the strong winds also cause nuisance and damage:

In the city, metro stations are flooded and subways are fixed between stations. New York authorities issued a warning of sudden floods.

The New York metro network says that travelers stuck in the subway are best placed in their carriage. โ€œThat’s the safest place unless the conductor reports anything else.โ€

Newark Airport was underwater in New Jersey, suspending all flights. In different states tens of thousands of people were out of power. 114,000 households in Pennsylvania had no electricity, 78,000 in New Jersey and 30,000 in New York.

Without power

Hurricane Ida landed on Sunday in Louisiana, south of the United States. There, the hurricane caused a lot of damage to the power grid, among others. Hundreds of thousands of state residents are still out of power; repairs are likely to take weeks to come. The death toll by Ida stands at six.

The hurricane pulled from Louisiana further north, now toned to tropical storm. So the remains of Ida have now reached the northeast coast of the US.