New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gets on

New York‘s U.S. Governor Andrew Cuomo quit Tuesday. Many Democratic party colleagues, including President Joe Biden, had called on the 63-year-old politician to leave recently after research revealed that Cuomo would have sexually harassed women, especially former employees for years.

Cuomo said in a live stream that broadcasts a lot of American media that he wants to keep fighting, but that the planned process of dropping him off would distract attention from important things the government has to do, such as combating corona. โ€œI think the best way I can help is to step aside.โ€

Earlier this week, after five months of investigation, the New York prosecutor came up with a heavy report on Cuomo’s misconduct. According to Attorney General Letitia James, at least eleven women have been sexually harassed by Cuomo. Because it was a civil investigation, criminal prosecution was not possible on this basis.

It was sexual harassment, unwanted and inappropriate groping, kissing, cuddling and comments that alleged victims called โ€œdeeply humiliating, uncomfortable, offensive or inappropriate.โ€ Cuomo denied doing something wrong at the time.

On Tuesday Cuomo acknowledged to have made mistakes. โ€œBut I never intended to treat a woman disrespectfully and accept responsibility,โ€ he said. According to him, โ€œreasonablenessโ€ has disappeared and the attack on him is politically motivated.

A woman who has now filed a report had done her story to James and said that Cuomo once groped her chest. The incident was said to have occurred in Cuomo‘s home and is the most serious of the allegations of sexual harassment he faces.


The woman’s name, which is only referred to as โ€œexecutive assistant #1โ€ in the report, was announced on Sunday: Brittany Commisso. In an interview with CBS News and the Albany Times-Union broadcast Monday morning, Commisso says she filed a report to hold Cuomo accountable for his actions. โ€œWhat he did to me was a crime,โ€ she says in an excerpt released by CBS. โ€œHe broke the law.โ€

Cuomo became known for his corona updates on CNN news station, where his brother Chris is presenter. Initially, he received a lot of praise for his approach in New York, but later he also sounded much criticism because he would have muffled coronadodes in American nursing homes out of the numbers.

Cuomo‘s departure is a fact in two weeks. Vice Governor Kathy Hochul succeeds him. She will be New York’s first female governor.