New York Times: Real, Barรงa and Juve open counterattack after UEFA announcement

FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus counterattack UEFA and the nine clubs that have withdrawn from the Super League. According to The New York Times, the three remaining Super League supporters think to take legal action against the other nine clubs.
The story is now known: twelve clubs announced their intention to start a Super League in April, but after fierce reactions from the supporters and UEFA, several clubs soon dismissed those plans. Only Real, Barcelona and Juventus are now behind the plans.
UEFA announced Friday with the other nine teams โ€” Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Internazionale, AC Milan and Atlรฉtico Madrid โ€” to have agreed on a longer cooperation. Barcelona, Real and Juventus are waiting for a severe sanction.
However, the three rebellious clubs do not leave it at all. According to The New York Times, Real, Barcelona and Juventus want to open a counterattack on the other nine clubs. According to the three clubs, a contract has been signed, so that the other clubs cant just get away from the Super League plans.
On the other hand, there is the UEFA that supports the nine clubs that have distanced themselves from the elite petition. The Football Association warns Real, Barรงa and Juventus.
The UEFA will deal with those clubs, there is a statement to read.