‘News from the Castle: captain stays, Dalmau leaves after two goals’

Contract news from Rotterdam: Adil Auassar stays with Sparta Rotterdam following Bart Vriends and will highlight the option in his expiring contract. On the other hand, Adriรกn Dalmau leaves the Castle after six months.
Auassar remains loyal to Sparta and stands with the Castle Club for its fifth season, reports Voetbal International. VI knows that the option has already been cleared, leaving only the confirmation from the club. The Dalmau era near Sparta is limited to six months. The club has decided not to highlight the option in the strikers contract. The Spaniard came into action twelve times before Sparta, in which he accounted for two hits.
Goalkeeper issuesSparta still hopes to take over Nick Olij from NAC Breda. The goalkeeper elected best of the Kitchen Champion Division has been on the radar with the Rotterdammers for quite some time and, according to VI, the talks are still ongoing. At the end of May, it was announced that Sparta had made the first bid for the closing post, although that bid was referred to the trash by NAC.