News photographer attacked in The Hague

A photographer from the disaster website Regio15 was attacked this afternoon. That happened at a police station in The Hague. The police have arrested two suspects.

The footage below shows that the photographer was filming when a man came running at him:

The photographer had gone out because of a stabbing near the police station.

When a little later an ambulance and a trauma helicopter were sent to the police station on the Aaltje Noordewierstraat, we went to make some picture for sure, says René Hendriks of Regio15 to Omroep West.

Kicked and beat

At the police station, the photographer was attacked by a man who ran out of the police station screaming. A policeman ran after him. The attacker kicked and hit the photographer, says Regio15. In the turmoil, the policeman was slightly injured.

Police confirm that the assailant and a woman who was also with him have been apprehended. By the way, they had nothing to do with the stabbing.

The photographer attacked is doing well. Of course, he was shocked, but he was not injured. He filed a report. The officer who was slightly injured is probably going to do that too, says Hendriks. Everythings on the picture, so I think this case will be over soon.

It is not yet clear whether any equipment has been damaged.