Newsreaders apprehended after being found naked behind the wheel

A Las Vegas newsreader was arrested because she was found drunk and naked in her car. How the woman initially got into that situation has not been disclosed.

Fox 5 Las Vegas news reader and reporter Feven Kiflegiorgis was found naked and asleep at the wheel of her Audi around 7.30. Although the incident took place in March, it was only now released by Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Kiflegiorgis, better known as Feven Kay, explained to agents at the time that she couldnt remember how she got into her situation. The woman also refused to take a blood test.

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Kiflegiorgis has been apprehended for reckless driving. On 21 April she was instructed to pay a fine of 1000 euros and also to take driving lessons again.

To explain her absence from the news channel, the American had informed her fans by means of a video that a private circumstance had occurred: โ€œLast month I was arrested for driving under the influence of a DUI. I was found in a parked car in a neighborhood of Las Vegas, on my own.โ€

Feven has told us to improve her life: โ€œI want you to know that I have learned from this, and will continue to learn. Thank you for your support.โ€