Next season of Destiny 2, the sun will not rise over the Earth — the main thing about the “Splicer”

Bungie presented the next season of Destiny 2 — Splicer. It starts on May 11 and runs until August 24. According to the story Vexa plunged the Last City of the Earth into an endless night, and the Guardians have to find Mithrax‘s Kella, who organized the Elixni group and tries to reach the Wanderer.

They are linked to the Guardians by Light — this should help begin to cement an unexpected alliance. The key activities will be Delete and Hacking – first a group of 6 players will get the access codes of the bills, and then in a weekly task infiltrate the network and destroy it from the inside.

The main danger is Atheon – he hides in the Crystal Church on Venus. Through the space-time faults, the Guardians have to get to the powerful Vex and destroy it in time — until it became a threat to the entire system.

At the same time, the armor transmog criticized in the community, unfortunately, will appear in its original form. The only new raid would be Crystal Damn from the first Destiny.

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