Nexus Mods no longer lets mod builders delete their files

A well-known resource for creators of custom modifications, Nexus Mods, has announced upcoming innovations for content creators and mod lovers. The administration is introducing the long-promised โ€œCollectionsโ€ feature. โ€œCollectionsโ€ will allow players to set large numbers of mods without problems.

They have enough to select the files you want and set the order to load them in the Vortex app. Free users will also be able to use this feature, although it will be quicker for subscribers.

In order not to break the collections, mod builders have been banned from removing the items to portal files. If necessary, they can only be archived and hidden from visitors.

This decision was made because the website launched 20 years ago is already struggling to cope with the vast scale of data. Modders who fear losing control of their creations can file a request to remove them โ€” but it will be on an all or nothing basis.

After that, all the fashions you need to download them. While it is not known when the Collections feature will appear on the portal, Nexus is planning to test this capability yet.

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