Neymar can count on support from trainer Pochettino: I dont question that

Mauricio Pochettino is sure: Neymar will remain active as a football player for years to come. The Brazilian forward indicated in his documentary that he was considering quitting as an international after the 2022 World Cup. According to Pochettino, those statements should be put into perspective.
Neymar‘s statements caused a fuss. Pochettino appeals to calm down at a press conference. โ€œNeymar is someone who is sincere, he just shared his feelings,โ€ says the Argentine coach. โ€œIt’s important that we put his statements in the right context.โ€
โ€œEver since he was little, Neymar has been in the spotlight,โ€ Pochettino continues. โ€œHe‘s been dealing with media coverage for a long time. He successfully endured that. Neymar is a real football enthusiast. I’m sure he wants to go on for years to come, I have no doubt about that. He shows his passion for the game every day.โ€
Neymar resumes competition with Paris Saint-Germain on Friday after an interland break. At 9 pm, Angers SCO visits the Parc des Princes.