Neymar filleted: You cant do this, I would sell him a stair

Former defender Oscar Ruggeri is unspeakable about the game of Neymar. Ruggeri would sell a good kick to the Brazilian superstar himself.
Talking to the South American branch of ESPN, the 59-year-old Argentine announced that he understands little about Neymar. He has a grind of certain codes that apply on the field, Ruggeri says. He did tricks at a 4-0 lead against Peru. I would sell him a good kick.
If you see that an opponent has been destroyed and the match is dead, you can‘t do this, Ruggeri continues his ardent speech. It’s true that he‘s special, but he’s not like Lionel Messi.
Neymar played Peru again on Tuesday night with Brazil. The game between the two countries ended in the group phase of the Copa América in 4-0, and in the semifinals of the tournament, Brazil returned to the longest end: the final result was 1-0.