‘Neymar wanted to go back, but then the president suddenly chose Griezmann’

ร‰ric Abidal, who was the technical director of FC Barcelona between 2018 and 2020, has opened up a book about the activities of the club. For example, the Frenchman wanted to bring Neymar back, but was passed without his knowledge.
Abidal, who defended the colours of Barcelona for six seasons as a defender, does not have a high cap on Josep Maria Bartomeu. The then president of the Blaugranas passed him when he negotiated with Neymar. โ€œTen days before the transfer market closed, the president and I went to Paris to talk to PSG,โ€ says the former td in a major interview with The Telegraph.
The Brazilian was open to a return. โ€œWe could bring him back and that was good, because at that time we needed a wing attacker,โ€ says Abidal. โ€œBut then our president suddenly chose to get Antoine Griezmann! Thats more of a centre rush. Its not about which one is better, but its about the position where you need someone.โ€
Griezmann was taken over from Atlรฉtico Madrid for 120 million euros, while Neymar remained in Paris. He still plays there to this day.