Neymars outfit will be available at Fortnite as early as this week

Developers from Epic Games announced that from April 27 players of the battle royal Fortnite will be able to unlock gear and various items from Brazilian footballer Neymers set. All tasks are available for the battle pass of the sixth season of the second chapter and will appear in the game along with the release of the upgrade to version 16. 30.

Among the rewards for completing the tasks are Neymars equipment, back decoration, pick and built-in emotion. After completing a certain number of epic tasks in the sixth season of the second chapter, players will receive even more items from Neymars set.

Also, players will get festive options of equipment and other items in a yellow-blue-green color gamma. In addition, players are waiting for the island for casual battles โ€œComplete Madness (Arena)โ€ in Fortnite creative mode, which will be available until April 30 (16:00 MSK), as well as the Neymar tournament, where the best players from each region will receive a designer booth.

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