Nicolette Kluijver: Im a Lego nerd

Nicolette Kluijver has opened a world since the shooting of the Christmas special of the RTL 4 hit LEGO Masters. โ€œI have become a LEGO nerd ever since,โ€ says the presenter to the ANP.

Nicolette is a duo with her Expedition Robinson buddy Kaj Gorgels for the special, which will be broadcast on Christmas Day. โ€œWe already knew that we could sit together for six weeks on a desert island, but then the question is whether you can also go together,โ€ says the presenter.

With Kaj at her side Nicolette fell to her great relief with her nose in the butter. โ€œHe was very good to me! He turns out to be a huge LEGO fanatic. That was absolutely my salvation,โ€ she laughs.

The boxes


the well-known building stones have been repeatedly pulled out of the closet since the recordings in Huisze-kluzever. โ€œI always had to go with the kids, but I was super happy about it. I just didnt have the patience for it. But now I can really sit for it. I got it all! Where has my BNN blood gone?โ€, she wonders laughing. โ€œIt was really fun.โ€

In the VIP edition, especially for charity, four more couples make their appearance. Fien Vermeulen and Fernando Halman, Moรฏse Trustfull and Kaj van der Voort, Heleen van Royen and Bart Meeldijk and Emma Deckers and Christiaan Bauer also participate. The program is presented by Ruben Nicolai.

LEGO Masters was one of the major television hits this year. The show has invariably attracted more than a million viewers per episode. Due to the great success, a second season has already been announced.