Nicolette Kluijver is going to present a new job program

Nicolette Kluijver has a new presentation job. The presenter will be the face of the new job program De Perfecte Verbouwing, which

will be published at RTL 4 from 6 January. Two architects make a design for the participants and compete against each other. Through virtual reality, participants can see the desired renovation and see what is possible. Next, Nicolette reveals which design wins, after which the real renovation starts.

The presenter, who previously presented Expedition Robinson among others, adds a new genre of television making to her portfolio. โ€œIt‘s great to present this program because it really is a feelgood program,โ€ says Nicolette. That’s why she really enjoyed the recordings. โ€œThanks to the almost magical VR technology, the most beautiful renovations are realized.โ€