Nier Automata could soon lose Denuvo โ€” looks like the patch is about to come out

NiER: Automata on Steam a few hours ago, there was a mention of Denuvo protection โ€” the promised patch with a lot of bugs will be released very soon. DRM. Denuvo remains controversial in the circles of players who are dissatisfied with the impact of protection on gaming performance โ€” judging by numerous tests, DRM takes some of the CPUs power from – for which games may have rolling and decreasing stability.

NiER: Automata came out more than four years ago, but there were a lot of problems on PC all this time โ€” Square Enix never fixed them, but after NiER Relicant came out where also many similar problems, the publisher promised to update โ€œAutomatonโ€ as well. More on Game Brawls, Chases and Neon in the new Cobra Throw Spin-Off Trailerโ€ CD Projekt will allocate just over three thousand dollars Terabyte to fight homophobia, come! WD Blue SN550 and Black SN850 SSD review on PCIe 3.

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