NiER Re [in] carnation release may be delayed

Tomorrow, July 28, Square Enix planned to release NiER Re [in] carnation mobile team action on iOS and Android. However, this may not happen: the company has warned that the app is being tested for the time being. And its results will show whether the game is ready for release.

The developers promise to report the results soon and warn if they have to take a delay to further prepare for the release of the game. They apologise to those whose plans may be disrupted due to these unforeseen events.

The main character Nier Re [in] carnation is a girl who comes to her senses in a strange place. For some reasons, she doesn‘t remember getting here, but she’s tormented by nightmares at night, not neck she wears a collar.

With the help of a mysterious creature calling herself Mama, she tries to explore the world and understand what its sense. Pre-registration is open in both stores.