Nier Replicant tested on consoles โ€” in Xbox favorites

A couple of YouTube channels tested Nier Replicant on consoles – without new generation systems, where the game is available only by backwards compatibility, but thanks to tests, the results are clear and there. All versions in most cases reach 60 FPS without problems, but in rare situations on the basic PS4 and Xbox One, drops up to 45 and 52 FPS, respectively, can occur. On average, each platform has 99% of the time above 60 FPS.

Technical details Xbox One – from 648p to 810p PS4 – from 810p to 1080p PS4 Pro – from 846p to 1080p (drops below 1080p rare) Xbox One X – from 1080p to 1440p ( falls below 1440p rare) PS5 โ€” 1080p Xbox Series S โ€” 810p Xbox Series X โ€” 1440p. It is noteworthy that on the PS4 Pro and PS5, the interface of the game is rendered 1080p, whereas on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X are already in 4K.

There are other differences between the versions: on the Xbox, texture filtering quality is higher; on One X (and Series X), the shadow range is higher; on the PS4 Pro (and PS5) and One X (and Series X), the quality of shadows is higher; downloads on One X and PS4 Pro are faster than the One S and PS4 โ€” most likely on PS5 and Series they are even faster. Nier Replicant released on April 23 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Last, as in the case of Nier: Automata, is not very lucky with the technical state of the project – it has a number of problems that are already actively correcting in the community. And the remake-remaster itself was greeted warmly – noticeably better than at one time the original.

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