Nightclubs and nightclubs open from September 25th until midnight

Nightclubs and nightclubs will be open until midnight from September 25th, as well as the other catering establishments. Thats what sources around the cabinet report. The nightclubs and nightclubs have the same rules as for the entire hospitality industry, so visitors will also need a corona entry ticket soon.

Furthermore, the cabinet announces tonight at the coronapers conference that no longer entire classes need to quarantine in the event of an infestation of a pupil. And theres no need to wear face masks in schools. They still remain compulsory in public transport and taxis.


Yesterday it was announced that indoor events without fixed seating, such as pop concerts, will be allowed from September 25th. A prerequisite is that at most 75 percent of the room capacity is used and visitors can show proof that they have been vaccinated, recently tested negative or recovered from covid-19.

The cabinet has not yet agreed an end date on the corona pass, a new weighing moment will probably be in a month.

Tonights press moment marks a year and a half of corona press conferences and measures in education, among others. In the CCeit below, test for 3 special if you remember when which decision was made:

According to managing director Dirk Beljaarts of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), nothing changes when nightclubs and nightclubs have to close their doors at midnight. โ€œThen they remain closed in practice,โ€ he responds to the cabinet plans. โ€œThe real turnover is past midnight. Remember: this is a group of entrepreneurs who have been forced to shut down for 18 months. Its not respectful to interact with them like that.โ€

In the hospitality industry there is a lot of resistance to the new measure:

The Hague night mayor Pat Smith also calls the envisaged decision absurd. โ€œNo where is it substantiated that more infections occur after midnight. This feels like a demolition of night culture.โ€

KHN has filed interim proceedings against the State. In this, the industry association requires nightclubs and discos to be reopened without closing time. The judges ruling on Friday.