Nijhuis about arguing with Schmidt: โ€œThe fourth official said, give yellow, Im sick of it.โ€

Bas Nijhuis also responded to his collisions with Roger Schmidt opposite Veronica Inside. The PSV trainer received a yellow card from Nijhuis and then pointed his arrows at the leader.

Earlier in the season, the two already clashed, after Nijhuis first gave a penalty during Vitesse-PSV and then moved it in. On Saturday, Schmidt announced during the press conference that he never had to speak to the Tukker again. โ€œIf he doesnt want to… Saves me a lot of discussionsโ€, this laconically responded. โ€œIt may be emotions after the game, I cant do anything with that.โ€
The two had previously had a discussion on the field: Schmidt had commented on the arbitration and received yellow from Nijhuis, who immediately gave the PSV trainer a final warning. โ€œHe had comments, apparently on me, and he does so through the fourth official. He told me at a certain point: that trainer rains every time,โ€ the arbitrator looked back on the incident. โ€œAt some point I got the message: come to the sidelines, I want you to give yellow, Im tired of it. Its that simple, I cant make it simpler…โ€
Nijhuis continued to support his decision afterwards. โ€œI can
t imagine. That youre so fiddling and youve never seen a referee give you yellow. Anyway, thats my opinion.โ€