Nijhuis deals with clash with Schmidt: “Thats the crazy thing”

At Veronica Inside Bas Nijhuis responded to the clash between him and PSV trainer Roger Schmidt. The two got it together during Sparta – PSV. Schmidt claimed that Nijhuis had said he would deliberately whistle against PSV.

Schmidt went to Nijhuis after the game. I didnt say that to anyone, thats just the crazy thing, says Nijhuis. Against Oooijer? After the game, I spoke to him on the field. Ooijer asked me after the game if I couldnt have solved it any other way. He asked if he could not have received a reminder first instead of yellow. Thats what the fourth man does, I said. He called me for yellow. At the end of the conversation, I said Id do it again. Or yellow and if that does not help, as after Vitesse – PSV (photo, red.), then red. Thats all I said.
Everything is recorded. I listened back to everything and I was really surprised that it was said that way. If it was a joke, I would have said it. But I didnt say it at all, says Nijhuis.