Nijhuis saves Reijnders at AZ-Ajax: ‘I understand that Brobbey is upset about this’

Tijjani Reijnders should have actually left the field with red against Ajax, says ESPN analyst Arnold Bruggink. Kenneth Perez thinks he knows why referee Bas Nijhuis gave yellow and the VAR did not intervene.
In the final phase of AZ-Ajax, Brian Brobbey was on his way to the goal, when Reijnders worked him against the plain in a very dirty way. Brobbey then got angry and Bruggink thinks thats no wonder. โ€œI like holding on and then getting a yellow card. But this is real… I do understand that Brobbey is upset about this,โ€ says the former striker at This Was the Weekend on ESPN. โ€œI think this is a red card.โ€
Perez also finds the offence serious. โ€œIt
s also from behind and over the ball. Today, you had three moments when people came to an opponents ankles with their studs. All of them are punished with yellow. That will be the reason why yellow is also given for this.โ€

In #DitWasHetWeekend, it is believed that Tijjani Reijnders should have been given red for his charge on Brian Brobbey ๐ŸŸฅ
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 18, 2022