Nijmegen searches for old ammunition in Goffertpark

The municipality of Nijmegen will check the soil of the Goffertpark for old ammunition and archaeological finds, among other things. This is done now, because there are fewer activities in the park due to the coronavirus.

According to the municipality, the Goffertpark has a rich history, which goes from Roman times to the Second World War. The soil contains remnants of ammunition, camp materials and weapons, writes Omroep Gelderland.

Just before a concert in 2018 old ammunition surfaced. During the construction of the stage for Guns N’ Roses a grenade was found. Research shows that there is almost certainly more material in the ground.

Extra costs

A specialised company is now supervising the construction of concerts, but this is causing delays and extra costs. That is why the municipality wants to trace and remove all materials.

Experts first examine the soil in phases and, if necessary, dig up materials. The workplaces are protected by fences at night. Where necessary, the municipality restores the soil and sows new grass.

Work starts next week. The job must be completed in January.