Nila (14) fled Afghanistan: ‘I was afraid to lose everything’

Until a few weeks Afghan Nila (14) just went to school. In her spare time she sang in a band. But since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, her life has changed completely.

Nila has fled by now. In the middle of the night she had to pack her belongings and left with part of her family to a place in another country.


Earlier this year, Nila protested a law that forbade girls over 12 from singing. She posted videos online where she was singing. That‘s how she wanted to stand up for girls’ rights.

But the Taliban doesn‘t want to protest. They even kill people who protest. That’s why Nila had to run now. She can‘t tell exactly where she is.

Nila hopes another country will help her and her family. A country where she can live safely and where boys and girls have the same rights.

Nila was in the Youth Journal before to talk about her protest. Here’s what you can look back: