Nine people in Hong Kong apprehended for bombings

In Hong Kong, nine people were arrested on suspicion of preparing terrorist activities. Police say that this is a group of people opposing the Chinese government and the Hong Kong board. The suspects would want to create an explosive substance and set off the bombs manufactured in the city.

Targets would be courts, port tunnels and railways. โ€œThey even planned to hide some bombs in trash cans on the street to inflict as much damage to society as possible,โ€ a police spokesman said at a press conference.

The suspects are five men or boys and four women or girls between 15 and 39 years old. Six out of nine suspects are in high school. The three adults are a university worker, a high school teacher and an unemployed person.

Laboratory at Hostel

According to police, the group wanted to make the explosive substance TATP in a homemade lab in a hostel. The space was rented for the period of one month. โ€œThey had divided the work,โ€ said a chief agent. โ€œThats how some took care of the money. And the scientists made the explosives. There was also a team responsible for placing the bombs.โ€

Raw materials for explosives and equipment have been seized, as well as a โ€œtraceโ€ of the explosive dust, the police said. Instructions for use and 80,000 Hong Kong dollars (8600 euros) were also found in cash. Bank funds of around 600,000 HKD (65,000 euros) are frozen.

Everyone in the group wanted to leave Hong Kong, the police say. They would have planned to let the explosives go off and leave for good afterwards.

The situation in Hong Kong has been tense for years. Before the corona crisis broke out, it regularly came to massive protests against Beijings increasing interference with Hong Kong administration. For example, a million people went to the streets to make their voices heard against the controversial extradition law and security law.

The police grabbed hard in the protests and arrested thousands of protesters.

Its not the first time explosives were found. Two years ago, a 27-year-old man was arrested after a raid. Two kilos of TATP were found.

Earlier, Tecceit made a video explaining the protests on 3: