Nine to Fives Open Beta kicks off on February 11

Redhill Games studio announced that it will host a public beta weekend in the Nine to Five first-person team shooter. Access to the game will be available on Steam from February 11 to 14. During the beta test, players will be able to join in groups of three and try to survive a clash with another team for three rounds.

At the same time during the battle, the units will be set additional goals, which are recommended to perform. Despite the fact that the beta test is declared as open, those wishing to take part in it should be requested access on the Steam page.

They will receive notification as soon as the game can be download. The creators of Nine to Five are betting on short dynamic matches, constant changes of conditions and tasks and tactical skills of players.

Before each round, they will have to carefully pick up equipment and choose an offensive strategy and defense. The release date of the team shooter has not yet been named.

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