Ninja Theory has released a fresh video of experimental horror Project: MARA

A year ago, Ninja Theory announced the experimental horror Project: MARA, and today showed a fresh diary of developers – it is dedicated to the technologies that are used in the creation of the game. The action of the whole project takes place in an apartment that really exists in reality. Therefore, the team had the task of moving it to a virtual space, and preferably as realistic as possible.

After a lot of trial and error, Ninja Theory managed to find the right technologies, and then create tools for the realization of the plan. The detail of the environment turned out incredible, but many details are not visible near – for this you need to look at.

It looks impressive. At the same time, developers plan to use this level of detail as a way of interaction with the player.

Project: MARA is a โ€œlanded image of psychological horrorโ€, which is created on the basis of the impressions of real people. In the game intend to try to tell the story unconventional methods.

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